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Pregnancy needn't be painful

Pregnant women in their last trimester can suffer from overpronation or flat feet

Pregnancy facts

While morning sickness, fatigue, and back pain are problems during pregnancy, leg and foot aches and pain are just as common, particularly during the last trimester. These problems should disappear after you deliver.

But during your pregnancy you can create chronic conditions that may continue long after you have delivered, so it is best to schedule a visit and consider orthotics during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Your Feet

Two of the most common foot problems experienced by pregnant woman are over- pronation and edema. This can lead to pain at your heel, arch, or the ball of your foot. Many women may also experience leg cramping and varicose veins due to weight gain. Because of this, it is important for you, if you are pregnant to schedule a visit so that Dr. Fosdck can help you though this time with happy feet.

Over-pronation can make walking very painful and can increase strain on your feet, calves and/or back. The reason many pregnant women suffer from over-pronation is the added pressure on the body as a result of weight gain. Over-pronation is also very prominent in people who have flexible, flat feet or in people who are obese.

Edema, or swelling of your feet, normally occurs in the last trimester. Edema results from the extra blood accumulated during pregnancy. The enlarging uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis and legs causing circulation to slow down and blood to pool in the lower extremities. The total water fluid in the body remains the same as before pregnancy, however it becomes displaced. When feet are swollen, they can become purplish in color. Sometimes extra water is retained during pregnancy, adding to the swelling.

Taking Care of Your Feet While You are Pregnant

Dr. Fosdick can prescribe orthotics to help support your feet while you are pregnant. He will also recommend proper footwear to support your feet while pregnant.

He can also help you take care of yur feet and keep the swelling down. He can give you stretching exercises and also measure your feet to make sure that, if you have changed shoe sizes, you are wearing the right shoe.

Your feet should be pain free.

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