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Dont make this self-inflicted

Overlapping toes that have been caused by improper shoes.

Facts about overlapping toes

Wearing shoes with a toe box that is too small for your feet and wearing excessively high heels can cause toes in your feet to overlap. As time goes on, this condition can become more and more painful.

In most case this toot problem is completely preventable. There are only a few congenital abnormalities that will result in toe overlap and they are very rare. If you are beginning to develop overlapping toes, come in and see Dr. Fosdick today and prevent this condition from getting worse and requiring surgery.

Overlapping Toes

Wearing footwear with a constricting toe box can lead to overlapping toes. Another common cause is bunions, usually found in adult women. Overlapping of the fifth toe may occur among children and can be easily corrected. Painful corns and inflammation are common symptoms of overlapping toes. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause extreme irritation and interfere with the normal function of your foot.

Treating Overlapping Toes

Dr. Fosdick can recommend shoes that accomodate toe overlap so that the condition is less painful while corrective measures are applied. Dr. Fosdick can also prescribe gel toe straighteners, gel toe caps and toe combs to help to bring the toes back into line. In more extreme cases, surgery may be the only option.

Your feet should be pain free.

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